A recession proof income source that doesn’t need capital?

Have you ever wanted to be free and not have to worry about time or money?🚀

Me too! All the time. But how can we make this dream a reality? It’s when our passive income is more than our expenditure. 💰

What’s passive income? Unlike active income, it’s income that is generated by assets you own instead of you having to work every time for income. So now you no longer have to put in time anymore to pay the bills! = FREEDOM! 🦸

The assets can be rental properties, shares or bonds you own, etc. but to earn enough from these sources is going to require a large capital. But what if you do not have this capital but still wish to create passive income without disturbing your current full time career? 💼

That’s where by redirecting your purchases on health, skincare and everyday essentials to your own online store and building a network to do the same can generate a debt free asset which can generate a recession proof monthly ongoing income for you! 🤩

But honestly I didn’t know the first thing about starting my own online store or building a network. I was a major introvert! That’s where step by step mentorship and guidance came to my rescue! 

Having someone very successful guide us personally is priceless, especially when they do not charge me for it. However, we need to earn their mentorship by our actions and following through what we told them we would do! 👨 🏫

What about you? Are you also building your assets at the moment? Let me know your experience so far in the comments 👇

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