Still beefing up your resume? It’s all about your personal brand now!

Gone are the days of accumulating degrees, certifications, experience and accolades. What truly matters in today’s world is our personal brand and what we stand for! ⭐️

If we don’t have a powerful personal brand it’s not possible to attract a large following. Without an audience, 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦whether we are growing a business, career or searching for a job, we won’t be able to succeed.

Often this is difficult to accept. But just think about it. In our job, our company usually has a dedicated sales/marketing department that builds the organization’s brand and earns new projects. Without them, we wouldn’t have a job. 💼

If it wasn’t your very first job, you chose your company among different offers if they had the same remuneration because of that company’s brand image! ✨

As for building a business, the power of having a brand and a following multiplies the results. My mentor gave me an example that we can earn $1million by having 1 million people pay me $1 for my product or service, or 100,000 people pay me $10, and so on. 💰

So whether you are starting a restaurant, consultancy, app, e-commerce, financial fund, coaching program, etc. we need a network. And what’s the first place we look for clients, customers or partners? Our friends and family of course! But usually either they buy out of sympathy or they buy only after we have proven ourselves.🤦‍♂️

So what’s the next step then? Well, we can try paid ads on social media, google, etc. or we can grow our brand for free using popular social platforms. I prefer starting with no operating costs first.😇

But when I first started building my online profile, fear took a hold of me! “What will people think if I suddenly start posting?” But later on I realized that others don’t have the time to think about everything that I’m doing. They are too busy tackling their own life problems! 🏃

The second hurdle I encountered was what do I post? This is where I had to sit down and identify who I was. I was into building a passive income along with my job, a health influencer, engineer, basketball enthusiast and an introvert! 🦸‍♂️

Once I knew the pillars around which I could create my content, I began recording my life in pictures, videos, written thoughts, etc. throughout the week as I lived my life. And every Sunday I would sit down with this raw material and create content for the next 7 days! 📸

This helped me post and add value everyday but if I didn’t have an audience, my content would not make a difference. So I began aggressively adding like minded people in my network and having quick conversations with them. 🗣

With this in place, now it’s all about repetition and letting the compound effect do the work! 💪

Thankfully for me, I’m part of an entrepreneurship team where we help busy professionals build their personal brand, create a passive income in ecommerce recession proof industries like health, skincare and everyday essentials. 🌍

Reach out to me if you have any questions. So build your personal brand today & realize your full potential! 🙌

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