Is the SVB Bank Collapse a wake up call for you?

Are SVB, Silvergate & Signature Bank Collapses a wakeup call for you?

Have you been stuck in a rut for sometime praying🙏 for something different to happen?

Well here is your sign from the universe to wake up and do something different! 🤯

Something different than just relying solely on your salary from your full time job and the savings in your bank account!❌

Because the company you’re working for could have their bank accounts go to zero and then be unable to run their payroll to pay you! 💸

HELLOOOO… anybody home? 

Now that you’re awake… What can you do to make yourself financially more secure? 

Building an asset that can generate an additional income stream for you is the right solution in my opinion! 💪

Yes you can also earn money by giving people a ride, delivering food, doing their grocery shopping for them, freelancing, etc. But these are all active sources of income. As soon as you stop working… POOF! The money stops! 🤕

Instead you want to build an asset that can then do the work and generate money for you! An asset can be real estate, equity in a company, or a network. 💰

But what if you don’t have the large capital to buy a 30 unit apartment unit to put on rent or 10% of Apple? 

That is why I believe building a network 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧is the best asset especially when you don’t want to quit your job and don’t have a lot of capital, time or expertise!

But how can we build a network like Facebook, Amazon, Gary V or anyone else? 

We cannot…. Unless we build the number 1 asset first! That is ourselves!! 🤴

The reason celebrities and influencers have the network they have who are subscribed to them for life is because they add value to their followers! 

But how can you add value to anyone if you haven’t added value to yourself? You CAN’T!

So how did I start adding value to myself so that I can be in a position to add value to you??

👉I got hold of my mentors who had built large assets, started learning from them 

👉I started reading relevant self development book (no not fantasy or thriller)

👉I listened to podcasts & audios of successful people 

👉 I associated with other people on the same journey as me to feed off each other’s energy

Is all of this going to double your monthly income tomorrow? No..

Is this going to make you more valuable so that you can start adding value to others using social media or face to face interactions? YES! 🙋‍♂️

And then how can you channel this to create a monthly passive income that’s recession proof? 

Well, I personally started an e-commerce store where I bought my everyday essentials from and by referring others to change their shopping habits, I along with my friends have increased our passive income!

Why? Because daily needs are just that… DAILY NEEDS! We need them everyday…

And instead of giving all our hard earned money to Walmart or our neighbourhood convenience store, I’d like to put that money in me and my friends pockets!

What about you?

So have you decided upon your vehicle to build an asset yet? Let me know in the comments 👇

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