How to DROP OUT and become UNSHAKEABLE

Are you exhausted because you’re trying to please everyone all the time? 

Or perhaps you’re frustrated because 70% of your to-do list consists of doing things to fulfil your “duty” rather than take you where you really want to go? 

I know how you feel. I used to try and do everything that I was supposed to do so that I could fit into society and be accepted by everyone.

There is comfort in being approved by people around us because it gives the illusion that we are on the right track.

However, success demands a LOT MORE. Soon I was disillusioned by just doing the study hard – get a good job – work hard in the career – get a raise – get married – have kids – live “happily ever after” program.

What about you? 

If the answer is YES then read on…

Getting fired from my job after 13 years of building my engineering career was a major wake up call for me. I finally locked arms with my mentors and started building a health, skincare and consumer staples business that could generate a monthly residual income.

Entrepreneurship demands sales and marketing and that’s when I realised if I tried to sell to everyone, I would end up selling to no one. My target audience had to be people like me who wanted to do more in life but didn’t know how.

Amazing things happened as soon as I dropped out of mainstream and build my business alongside my job:

👉I had more time and hunger to develop myself

👉I developed my mental muscles to face rejection and ridicule from others

👉I took responsibility because if it didn’t work out for me I had no one to blame but myself

👉Laziness was history as was working for my goals instead of someone else’s

So when was the last time you took a decision that was unpopular in your circle and executed it regardless? 

When was the last time you did something against the norm, failed and got ridiculed publicly?

What I’ve realised is that successful entrepreneurs, sports persons, politicians and other leaders are scorned almost on a daily basis. So we definitely need to start feeling that repeatedly and develop a thicker skin.

Here are some ways you can began becoming more resilient to public scrutiny:

✅Work on a side hustle that demands sales, marketing and interacting with people

✅Go out to public places wearing ridiculous clothing or bright colours

✅Shout loudly in public places “Hi my name is X” or anything else on the top of your voice

✅Do more public speaking with topics that you believe in that aren’t conventional

✅Meditate more to be able to listen to your intuition

✅Make bold, categorical statements about your beliefs instead of trying to be diplomatic or apologising for yourself

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